Sergio H. Domingues

Position: Associate Professor

Area of interest: Energy


Office: 202

Phone: + 55 (11) 2766 7386

Graduated in Chemistry from the Federal University of Paraná (2005), master's and PhD in chemistry department at the same University (DQ-UFPR) with sandwich period at The University of Texas at Austin - United States. Received an honorable mention in the Capes Thesis Award in 2015. Has Post-Doc in Materials Chemistry Group - UFPR in the area of carbon-derived nanomaterials with emphasis on transparent conductive electrodes and sensors. Since 2014 is an adjunct professor and a MackGraphe research member at Mackenzie Presbyterian University. It has experience in chemistry, with an emphasis on electrochemistry, inorganic chemistry and materials chemistry. His main areas of interest have been: (i) graphene synthesis in its oxidized and reduced form; (ii) thin films of graphene; (iii) conducting polymers; (iv) transition metal oxides; (v) nanocomposites graphene/conducting polymers and graphene/metal nanowires; (vi) two-dimensional nanomaterials; (vii) energy storage devices; and (viii) sensors.

New materials for energy storage devices


The main goals in our group splits in three segments:

  • the development of new routes, environmentally friendly, of nanocomposites based on graphene and or new two-dimensional materials;
  • development of  lightweight, efficient and flexible energy storage devices (capacitors and batteries);
  • preparation of new materials based on graphene or two-dimensional materials, with the aim of replacing the conventional lead acid battery electrodes, thereby decreasing the toxicity and increasing the energy potential.


In this direction, in our group continuously seeks to to obtain new nanomaterials with storage properties or energy production that have superior characteristics used in current conventional materials.

Figure 01 – New routes of nanocomposites synthesis.
Figure 02 – New nanocomposite for energy storage devices application.
The Group: Back: Danilo (UG), Prof. Sergio (leader), Caroline (UG). Front: Joana (UG), Fernanda (UG), Amanda (UG)) e Tayná (UG).